Unfateful keyart

2022 || 1hr 19m
Drama, Thriller, Suspense


Four strangers carpooling to Gokarna, India, cross paths with three runaway goons with possession of stolen money. Who will get the money is unclear, but one thing is clear. Everyone’s morals will be put to the test.

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  • Cast: Janavi Nagarajan, Seby Varghese, Aakash Mohanty, Sarat Prakash, Bharat N Simha, Darshan Shankar, Sanjith Ballal, Shelly J Morais, Uma Shankar, Ajay Siva
  • Director: Seby Varghese
  • Producer: Jophina Joseph, Seby Varghese
  • Writer: Seby Varghese
  • Production Company: Extinct Sparrows