Susie’s Hope keyart

2013 || 1h 44m
Drama, Family, True Story


Based on a true story, the inspirational relationship between Donna Lawrence (Emmanuelle Vaguer) a pit bull attack survivor, and Susie (Susie Lawrence), an abused pit bull-mix puppy, as they learn to heal and forgive together.

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  • Cast: Emmanuelle Vaugier, Burgess Jenkins, John Provost, Andrea Powell, Lance E. Nichols, Megan Blake, Willette Thompson, Gregory Waller, Susie Lawrence, Cranston Johnson
  • Director: Jerry Rees
  • Producer: Phil Newsome, Dan A.R. Kelly, Laura Hart McKinny, Ann Guill, John Hart McKinny, Michael Lee Garrett
  • Writer: Jerry Rees, Dan A.R. Kelly
  • Production Company: Susie's Hope Movie