Once Upon a Time in the Apocalypse keyart

2021 || 1h 18m
Action, Thriller, Western


In a post-apocalyptic Wild West, Evie seeks to stay alive and reunite with her father after a civil war has ravaged the U.S., leaving countless dead and the rest living in lawlessness on territory ruled by Drac and the Warlord.

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  • Cast: Stefani Potter, Nathan Willard, Robert Thomas Preston, Hanna Knudsen, Larkin Hasting, Mikel Mann, Cosette Willard, Samanta Behr, Isaiah Welch, Sean Siders
  • Director: Nathan Willard
  • Producer: Hanna Knudsen, Patrick Doyle,┬áNathan Willard
  • Writer: Nathan Willard
  • Production Company: Cora Be Productions