Kids Can keyart

2022 || 1hr 07m
Kids, Family, Comedy


Two brothers decide to make their own movie after their father encounters roadblocks on his movie. The brothers enlist the help of their friends and make the right decision to donate all the profits towards feeding hungry children.

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  • Cast: Aidan Navarro, Elijah Navarro, Patrick Muldoon, Kelly Perine, Niel Napier, Aris Alvarado, Malcolm Danare, Barry Jay Minoff, Michelle Moores, Craig Shoemaker
  • Director: Aidan Navarro, Elijah Navarro, Demetrius Navarro
  • Producer: Aidan Navarro, Elijah Navarro
  • Writer: Aidan Navarro, Elijah Navarro
  • Production Company: D Street Films, Navorro Bros.