Children of Beqaa keyart

2018 || 1h 17m
Documentary, Inspirational, Social


Since March 15, 2011 millions of Syrian refugees have been living in limbo with no country, nearly no rights, little education, and not enough food. Children of Beqaa gives a voice to refugees who just want their stories to be heard.

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  • Cast: Elias Matar, Lyla Matar, Kyle Jaimes, Martin Kvernbekk, Laran Matta, Salim Zeyan, Thomas Wolden, Tuva Smedstad, Nur Franch, Beat Martin
  • Director: Elias Matar
  • Producer: Elias Matar
  • Writer: Elias Matar, Edward E. Romero
  • Production Company: 2 Red Rabbit Films